Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 – FT-86

I arrived at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon around 8:20am, after a rough 2hr long train ride that included a man pooping himself, while sitting next to me, then pretending it didn’t happen. But now isn’t the time to talk about my numerous travel complaints, your here to see what was happening at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. After getting through press registration I met up with Aaron Mai and Luke Huxham from Maiham-Media and Dino from Speedhunters. We immediately pulled  out our cameras(mine not as large or fancy as theirs) and began shooting.

This is the view of halls 4 and 5. I have decided instead of showing you tons of photos at once, I’ll go in categories. I know most of you are excited to see the new FT-86, so lets jump straight into it.

This is the Dunlop/Falken Tire FT-86.

I love the rear of the FT-86. The tail lights, the look of the diffuser…it all looks awesome and flows very nicely. There’s no weird  lines(370z) to look at or jagged sharp edges, it’s simple and tidy. Love it.

That’s what I meant by Dunlop/Falken FT-86.


So now lets take a look at some of the factory options(at least in Japan).

If Scion brings us some similar Aero equipment and the TRD seats, I think the majority of us would be satisfied. Most people would rather buy lowering springs/coilovers, brakes, and exhaust systems after the fact anyway.

Here is one FT-86 decked out in the Modellista product line.

Here’s JDM Steven Seagal checking to see if the “pre-rolled” fender myth is true. I told him it wasn’t and he kicked me through a wall. It is rolled up out of the way, but for those of you that will be throwing 10J -20 wheels on…you’ll still need to pull the fenders.

Love the lines.

This is the all-out TRD version of the FT-86.  Unfortunately there were so many people swarming the car all day, I never got a full shot. Chad is at the Auto Salon right now so check back soon for a ton of material for this car alone.  TAS should really consider having a REAL media/press day.

The way people were surround the car, you would think there was a nude Eva Mendes behind the wheel.

Unfortunately there wasn’t. The interior looks pretty awesome though. I can already tell those seats will be #1 on FR-S owner’s JDM wish-list.

Yea they say TRD on the headrest. The price just tripled.

We eventually moved outside for the Drift and Demo exhibitions . The UpGarage FT-86 looks awesome. The green looks a tad lighter than the normal Falken livery but it still looks good.

Here’s the Gazoo racing FT-86 rolling out for its Demo drive, video on this coming soon.

A shot of the brakes on a similar Gazoo Racing tuned FT-86. 4 or maybe even 6-pot Endless calipers and slotted rotors…hard to tell.

That’s it for my FT-86 coverage from Day one of the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. Check back for more photos of this Oni Camber Cop-car…

…The Liberty Walk booth…

…This orange car with smoke coming out of it…

…and this Mazda 787b captured with a blurry background.

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Prepping for Ebisu!

So I have been getting the car ready this past few days. So far I had changed all my fluids. Borrowed a fixed bucket seat, bought a 3pt Willans harness, and snagged a set of Bridgestone RE-01R’s to use as fronts. I’ll be installing the harness Wednesday and I plan to take good photos for anyone needing help installing a 4pt into there 180sx so check that out in a few days.

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 pt. 2

Its about time I post my coverage! I have been super busy lately playing GT5 and working I haven’t had time to post or even edit my photos from the event. But i finally buckled down and got it done. The show was pretty cool, other than the swarms of people everywhere. I’m still a little disappointed I missed the D1GP drift exhibition but hey, I’ll see plenty during my stay here. Well…check out the shots.

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Tsukuba Hyper Meet 2010

Well my friend Thomas and I made the trip to Tsukuba Circuit by car with me driving. The drive there was simply a nice get away in it’s self. So the day started to me picking Thomas up at the station at 7:00am,  got breakfast and then we made the 2 hour trip to Tsukuba Circuit 2000.  We arrived there at about 9:45am. The drive home was packed with traffic, which I was warned by a regular Tsukuba goer before. The weather was nice but warm which as you know cars arn’t fond of. For Thomas and I it was a good thing. Lots of events and vendors with lots of nice brands to scope out.

The full set of photos can be found at:

Derek Hawken's Evo X w/ SST representing Bozz Speed

One of 3 of Team Orange's Drift cars.